Damn My Ex

freedom of speech, please

by on Nov.19, 2008, under Breakups

i used to hang out in a group of friends about 10 or so big.  the group was kinda fluid, people coming and going: it was a different group on a weekly basis.  overall, there were easily 100 people that hung out, just not everyone everytime.

ok, so this new gal and i were making dinner for everyone, and she says, “you aren’t the monster i thought you’d be!”


“from what marie (my then wife, not her real name) told me, you’re a real asshole, always beating her and stuff, but i don’t believe her now that i’ve gotten to know you.”

i went outside to the smoking porch and asked everyone else if marie had ever told them anything similar about me.  turns out, it was her favorite topic!  she told everyone she met how i beat her every night and how afraid she was to go home with me.  i was appalled.  marie and i were bitter (married) enemies, but this was absurd.

next morning (easter), i wake up, go into her room, and ask her about all this.   she admitted it, but insisted it was her consitutional right to say whatever she wanted, true or false.  i gave her a choice: either tell everyone that she lied about everything or leave.

thank god, she left.  now, we’re happily divorced.

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