Damn My Ex

now i see why

by on Dec.03, 2008, under Breakups

i gave marie thirty days to leave.  i figured she’d just call daddy up and get him to pay for a plane ticket and a moving truck.  nope.  she called my mom.  she had given my mom her sob story.  you know, how i beat her, treated her like shit, and wouldn’t buy any food for the apartment.  amazing how a person can maitain 300 pounds of flesh with no food.

short story long, about two weeks after moving in with mom, i get a call.  it’s my mom.  she’s telling me how dirty marie is, how lazy, how disrespectful she is, and how she just doesn’t treat people right.

of course, i can’t disagree.  i tell her that’s just some of the reasons i kicked her out, along with the lying and cheating on me.

turns out, my poor, sweet mother thought there was still hope for us, but i was just too pig-headed to work things out.

“now i see why you don’t like her,” mom says.

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