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i’d rather be camping

by on Jun.08, 2010, under The Wedding/Honeymoon

john, my then fiancé of three years, got suckered into buying one of those pay-in-advance cruises from a telemarketer. he gets off the phone, all excited, and tells me about this great honeymoon he just bought for us. romantic, right? newly married couple out in the caribbean, listening to the steel drums and all that. i just couldn’t help picturing the sunset over the blue water.

fast forward to the next day when i hear him talking to his mother on the phone. he’s telling her how she’s going to love the cruise he just bought for the four of us. FOUR?!?!?! did i just hear that right? surely he meant two.

nope. four. me, him, his mom, and his mom’s wife. yeah. and to top it all off, we were sharing a cabin. thanks, john, i think i’d rather go camping.

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